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Initial Health Assessments for Kids in Foster Care

Posted 6/15/2021 at 10:25 AM

Learn more about this transition, which takes place on July 1, 2021

Effective July 1, 2021, children/youth placed in foster care, including those in direct placement foster care and those in the care of Voluntary Foster Care Agencies (VFCAs) statewide, will be mandatorily enrolled in Medicaid Managed Care unless they are otherwise exempt or excluded from enrollment. As such, these individuals may present Healthfirst insurance.

  • This presentation was created to educate Primary Care Providers (PCPs) who may treat children placed in foster care on the initial health activities that must be completed within 60 days of foster care placement. It is meant to supplement this document, which also outlines the profile and attributes of the foster care population, foster care initial health service activities, including timeframes for completing those activities.

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